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BackyardSplashPad.com (BYSP) designs and builds custom water play features known as splash pads. A splash pad is a small “pad” of concrete which has a variety of water jets, bubblers and fountains with varying height and alternating flows. All the water is stored below ground in a tank where it is filtered sanitized and recycled. Because there is no open body of water, there is no risk of drowning. Water parks have been around for decades but only now at a price affordable for families. You may have seen similar splash pads at community and day care centers, club houses, churches, schools, municipal and theme parks. You know kids love them and they’re safe.

Start time: 1-3 weeks.
Construction time: 1-3 days.
Typical price: $4000-8000 depending on pad size, number of jets, and concrete finish.
Service area: Western Florida and southern Georgia.
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

At a fraction of the time, price and hassle of a pool, BackyardSplashPad.com can have your family having fun without the fuss!

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